Welcome to Fictional Factory – the place where you will find plenty of entertainment and fun! Our company has released two very popular online mobile games that are amusing, challenging and all-age appropriate.
Also, we have developed an app that can help you minimize your bills by finding the cheapest mobile subscription according to your specific needs.

Our apps are available on all major mobile platforms and can be downloaded from any major App Store. All you have to do is to download them and start having fun right from today!

Our fun factory has released Yatzy Online and Farkle Online – classic dice games adjusted for the digital era. You can play these games online and compete with your friends or play them offline and try to beat your own high score.
We have also released Bill Minimizer – an app that will help you minimize your costs by recommending you the cheapest subscription on the market based on your individual usage.

You can expect many new mobile apps coming your way from our entertainment factory, so stay tuned and in the meantime keep rolling the dice!

Yatzy Online is a very popular dice game with over two million downloads. We are pleased to say that this was the number one Yatzy game in France for 3 years in a row. You can connect your Facebook account with Yatzy Online and roll the dice with your friends and family or random players from all over the world, but you can also play the game offline and accept the challenge to beat our bot. Yatzy Online can be played on almost any device and is available on any of the major App Stores.

You can play this classic dice game on your mobile phone in an entirely different and inventive way powered by Farkle Online. The rules are simple: you have to play for the highest points possible. Only a few of the dice score points, so you have to make a decision whether to play it safe or to risk losing the entire hand. The game itself will do the dice count for you or which combinations bring points, so you can concentrate solely on your strategy and risk/prize outcome.
You can connect Farkle Online to your account on Facebook and play with your friends and family, or play the game offline and compete with yourself.
Farkle Online is available on App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store and all other major mobile app stores!

Bill Minimizer will help you find the cheapest subscription for you based on your specific needs. By analyzing your data, calls and SMS history as well as international calls, this app can recommend you the cheapest subscription on the market. The longer you use Bill Minimizer, the more accurate will the calculation for your cost be and in that way the app can propose you the most suitable subscription for your usage.
The app is very user friendly. You just have to download it and wait for it to do its calculations and recommend you the cheapest subscription according to your needs. Minimizing your bills isn’t so hard now, is it?